Insurance premiums today are at an all time high along with the deductibles. Preventive services are included in many circumstances, but don't get sick. To lower premiums many people sacrifice their health care needs and took on the higher deductibles.. Individual deductibles can be as high as $7,100 for 2017. That is in addition to your premiums.

Did you know approximately 70% of ailments can be treated over the phone? Following are two affordable solutions to meet the needs of my clients.

24/7 Doctor Access and other benefits. Find out how a telemedicine service can help you save on your health care costs and more.

(This is not insurance.)


Partnering with companies that will be there when you need them most.

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Open Enrollment is closed for the 2017 plan year. Although, under certain circumstances or life changes you may be eligible for a Special Enrollment Period.

Carriers I represent include

Aetna (off-exchange)

Blue Cross Blue Shield (on-exchange and off-exchange)

Short Term Health

Not eligible for SEP? Waiting for new employer coverage to start? Short-term health plans are an affordable option for unexpected health expenses. They generally do not cover pre-existing conditions and are not ACA compliant.

Linda M. Givilancz

LMG Insurance Agency, Inc