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1. Medicare Part C

Medicare Advantage plans with Part D are offered through private health insurers. You must continue to pay your Medicare Part A and Part B premiums. MA-PD plans do not offer gap coverage but do cap your annual out-of-pocket expenses. It is against the law for someone to sell you a Medicare Supplement Plan while enrolled in a Part C Plan.

If you are entering your Medicare years you have decisions to make. You do not want to miss your window of opportunity for Medicare Supplement or be penalized for not having the appropriate Medicare coverage.

There are time restrictions and possible penalties to consider.

As people enter their retirement years, income and resources can be limited while at the same time health issues have a tendancy to sneak up on many at any given time.


Linda M. Givilancz

LMG Insurance Agency, Inc 



Many new to Medicare and many who have been Medicare beneficiaries are working to understand their choices. If you need help choosing and understanding your options, contact me for a personal one-on-one to review your personal and financial needs and discuss what options are available to you. If you are new to Medicare, time may be a factor in your decisions.

1. Medicare Part A, plus

2. Medicare Part B, plus

3. Medicare Part D

4. Medicare Supplement (also know as Medigap)